Ethos of Lohia Worldspace

Driven by Tradition, Beckoned by Progress

Welcome to Lohia Worldspace. The new face of reality, where every individual who seeks meaningful change, shall find an ally. There is little that one can do about what they are born into, but what they leave behind, speaks volumes. We consider it our responsibility to better our cities, that they may sustain the generations to come. 

Who are we? 

If you have just stumbled onto our path and are wondering who we are, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Lohia Worldspace is a consumer-centric real estate brand that aims to authentically uplift our consumers’ experience every step of the way. Our methods are constantly evolving with our client’s changing needs.

Our approach stems from the fact that as citizens of the 21st century, we must be mindful of our decisions, their repercussions on the environment and the quality of built and open spaces that we create. We are aware, tactful, unbiased, and balanced in our practice leaving no room for compromise. We collaborate to bring about environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable solutions for a better built environment. 

As no two consumers are the same, neither can their needs be addressed in a similar way. We adopt a fresh new approach to everything we design, integrating the wisdom of tradition with the convenience of the new. 

Who do we serve? 

A judicious clientele that acknowledges and values a conscientious brand that offers seamless luxury with a sustainable lifestyle. Our doors are always open to individuals who seek and understand the need for positive change.

Our Approach 

We believe that magic happens when the user experience integrates the relationship between contrasting aspects such as built and open spaces, the inside and the outside, or the living and the inanimate. Our homes and offices should not be built to isolate us from our natural surroundings, on the contrary, they should be thoughtfully designed so that the inhabitants may nurture and enjoy their connection with nature. 

At Lohia Worldspace, we work tirelessly to create practical spaces for its users that enable the environment, architecture and like-minded human interaction to flourish and evoke a sense of belongingness. We focus ourselves on fostering learning and collaboration. This interdisciplinary exchange permits us to work across boundaries that separate various professions, widening our horizons, improving our understanding and effectiveness. We have experienced that this approach, along with the development of sincere personal and professional relationships, has proved instrumental in building a mutual sense of credibility for our clients and customers. 

Spaces have the power to inspire our innermost values and kindle endearing relationships that are key to a fulfilling life. Here, we aim to create just that. 

People, Planet & Prosperity 

Our values are guided by the idea that ‘continuity’ and ‘authenticity’ is everything. We do not exist to be validated for being ‘interesting’, we exist to be ‘true’. What we promise is what we deliver and we stand by our principles without deflection. Our work here is nothing if not ‘meaningful’, ingrained in our meticulously researched evidence-based methods. We are always up to speed with the current trends and do not shy away from challenging the status quo. People, planet and prosperity are interrelated and each factor influences the others. Our decisions determine the fate of our progress as well as its reverberations on our planet. 

Our Legacy

Lohia Worldspace is a group company belonging to the renowned parent organization Lohia Global, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. What started out as a small family business in 1960 is now a multi-business conglomerate that has diversified into sectors such as automobiles, energy, trading, building materials and real estate. The group has consistently, for 35 years now, been working towards bettering the lives of communities across the globe. 

Our Vision

To improve the quality of living and work for our customers and communities based on their needs in time. To uplift, connect and create efficiency in the lives of humans and their work environments, and have a pronounced community impact.

Why Choose Us?

Our design-led approach distinguishes us as more than just a real-estate firm. Our experience, strengthened by our team of exceedingly talented and skilled professionals, enables us to provide end-to-end expertise, right from location selection to design and execution. Post-purchase, we continue our association with our consumers in regards to the maintenance and well-being of the property. 

Our Product


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