Choosing Sustainabilty with Designco.

Choosing Sustainability with Designco

An unuttered sanctity is established during the design and creation of an Office Space.A disciplined environment shielded away from the distractions of the world that bringspeople walking similar career paths under a shared envelope. In the covid-free world, they were the lifelines of a nation. The hustle and bustle of motivated employees brainstorming,drawing up game plans and meeting targets, lighting up the spaces with charged activity.Modern offices have gone through extreme transformations in the past decade and areredefining the way we perceive workspaces. For a healthy work environment to flourish, aworkspace must be sustainably viable to ensure minimal impact on the environment. 

The Designco acts as a touchstone for sustainability, efficiently maximizing the use of available resources and simultaneously enhancing the character of our suburbs. Situated in Lodhipur, Moradabad, it doubles as a workspace for Lohia Worldspace and as meeting rooms for Archier’s bespoke furniture and lighting. This project has been developed in compliance with the principles of the deliberative development model known as Collaborative Development by Lohia Worldspace. The model enables collaborators to unite and share their multidisciplinary expertise to create superior quality, environment-friendly and financially accessible workspaces in inner suburban locations where property prices are driving people out of the market.


 Pressing for sustainability has always been one of our top priorities and Designco stands tallwhen it comes to meeting sustainability goals. Every sustainable decision taken for thisproject has contributed to it achieving 8+ out of 10 star NatHERS rating. Here are some ofthe many ways in which Designco has successfully managed to transform a post-warsuburban dwelling into three fossil fuel-free, 100% electric offices. 

1. Energy Efficient Envelope

A building envelope is not just a physical barrier between the interior and exterior, it is abuilding system that actively responds to a building’s surroundings and manages toproduce optimal thermal comfort levels. The dual North-South aspect of the spacesfacilitates cross-ventilation and solar penetration to the various habitable areas, greatlycutting down on costs that would otherwise have to be allocated towards artificiallyheating or cooling the interiors. Energy usage is directly proportional to resourcedependency and thus a more secure future.  

2. Passive Design Techniques

Designco takes the cake when it comes to incorporating Passive Design measures.Each office has been strategically oriented to open out to the north, ensuring solarpenetration that warms the offices during the chilly winter months. All north andwest-facing windows have been installed with external automated block-out blinds thatcut out harsh sun rays while allowing cross-ventilation, keeping the spaces cool duringsummers. The blinds also allow the users to control shade and the privacy to the outdoors. 

3. Insulation

The use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in their construction system is a wayof experimenting with alternative building materials. SIPs are a prefabricated, load-bearingstructural system that can be engineered to fit a wide range of building designs. They arehighly durable, energy-efficient, cost-effective and quick to install. SIPs are known todeliver unparalleled insulation and are 50% more energy-efficient than traditionaltimber-framed structures. The airtight envelope has minimal thermal bridging andreduces heat loss. 

Binq tilt and turn high-performance windows and doors are installed in all the offices toenhance thermal insulation and allow rapid cross-ventilation cooling. The double-glazedwindows substantially filter out noise, which is essential to maintain concentration in aworkspace. 

4. Electric Offices Operated by 100% Renewable Energy

High-performance battery technology harnesses the power generated onsite by the rooftopsolar panels, readily storing the energy to meet the power requirements of the offices aftersundown. 

We invested in Energy Recovery Ventilation (EVR) active systems, this technologycombines system electric heat pumps for hot water and hydronic heating. The system aidsthe HVAC system to meet ventilation and energy standards. Resulting in improved indoorair quality and reduced energy consumption.  

Caroma Smart Command technology has been installed to monitor water usage via an app.Its leak detection system efficiently identifies and alerts the users of leaks early on andprevents damage. Rainwater collection tanks are also installed in each office to reduce theamount of water the spaces draw from our water reserves, promoting self-sufficiency andencouraging water conservation. 

5. Locally Sourced Materials

Being ‘vocal for local’ makes as much sense for the construction industry like any other andfor the Designco it was the obvious way to go. The offices have been constructed out oflocally sourced materials wherever possible. Naturally available materials like recycledbricks, native hardwood timber cladding and veneer have been used. They are highlydurable, ensure lasting performance and are free from toxic chemicals. These materialshave lower embodied energy and thus are more sustainable. They contribute less togreenhouse gases and help relieve the pressure off fossil fuels.

6. Urban Greenery 

The front yard of Designco is utilized in shared ownership by the collaborators to make thebest out of the street frontage. The shared open space becomes a meeting point for theoffices to come together, interact and develop better relationships, not only amongstthemselves but also the broader community. Also, it cannot be emphasized enough howimportant it is to take breaks amidst nature, after long work hours. Urban biodiversity isfast depleting and plays a significant role in offsetting some of the carbon emissions inits vicinity which would otherwise contribute to climate change. 

Designco is a conscious effort to redefine the way we perceive our office spaces that worktowards integrating sustainable measures to ensure tangible health benefits to its userswithout taking a toll on the environment. It is our utmost priority to encourage andpropagate physical and mental well-being. 


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